2013 GMOD Summer School: Apply now!

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2013 GMOD Summer School: Apply now!

We are now accepting applications for the 2013 GMOD Summer School, to be held NESCent, Durham, North Carolina from July 19th to 23rd. The GMOD Summer School is the best way to learn how to install, configure, and use popular GMOD tools, including GBrowse, JBrowse, Galaxy, MAKER, Tripal, WebApollo, and Chado; courses are taught by the tool developers, and there will be evening sessions for those who want to work on their own data or troubleshoot issues with the developers.

More information and online application form:


Applications are competitive, so we encourage you to apply well before the deadline, June 10th.

If you have any questions, please contact [hidden email] and we will be happy to answer them.

Amelia Ireland
GMOD Community Support
http://gmod.org || @gmodproject

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