A GMOD "virtual issue" in the journal Database

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A GMOD "virtual issue" in the journal Database

Scott Cain

I recently had a chat with one of the editors of the journal Database
(http://database.oxfordjournals.org/), an open access journal whose
aim for publications lines up very nicely with the goals of GMOD.
During this discussion, the idea of a GMOD "virtual issue" came up,
and it is one that I am very excited about.  Therefore, I'm reaching
out to you (the GMOD community) for ideas as well as commitments to
write peer reviewed articles for this publication.  Articles can be
about theory, tutorial or community.  I expect at least one each
papers about Chado at a minimum (that is, there very well may be more
papers just about Chado).  Please feel free to respond either to me
personally or to the mailing list that you are subscribed to that got
this message to you if you'd like to discuss this further.

The virtual issue approach that Database takes is very appealing, in
that the submitted papers do not need to be in by a certain cutoff
date, as this is not going to put into a "dead tree" form :-)  So, the
virtual issue can be created at any point, either when there is just
one paper, or when there is a critical mass (which we would have
control over), and more papers can be added to it at any time.  An
example of a Database virtual issue is the one they created for the
biocurator meeting last year:


I look forward to your ideas and commitments!

Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
GMOD Coordinator (http://gmod.org/)                     216-392-3087
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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