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Add Supercontig to core.xml?

Sam Hokin-3
Hiya, devs! I work with a lot of incomplete genomes (aren't they all?) that have large scaffolds still disconnected from the
assembled chromosomes, usually annotated as "scaffold" in the FASTA or GFF, but at LIS we've decided to use the synonym
"supercontig", since it implies an assembled collection of contigs, but, I guess, not as big as something called an "ultracontig":

supercontig    (CURRENT_SVN)
SO Accession: SO:0000148 (SOWiki)
Definition: One or more contigs that have been ordered and oriented using end-read information. Contains gaps that are filled with N's.
Synonyms: scaffold
DB Xrefs: SO: ls

Parents: partial_genomic_sequence_assembly (SO:0001876)
ultracontig (SO:0000719)

Children: contig (SO:0000149)
unassigned_supercontig (SO:0001875)
mitochondrial_supercontig (SO:0001922)

So I find myself specifying Supercontig (extends SequenceFeature) into my sources all over the place, when it would be a lot tidier
to just add it to core.xml.

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