Adding new locations for existing features in Chado

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Adding new locations for existing features in Chado

Surya Saha
Hi Everybody,

I am CCing the gbrowse list since its relevant for folks there using Chado.

I am using the script from the Chado SVN checkout. A new row is created in the feature table when I upload a GFF record containing the new location for a gene on a new reference chromosome. The uniquename for the new row is the name appended by the new feature_id. A row is also created in featureloc for the new feature_id.

Is there a reason why simply a new row is not created in featureloc with the new coordinates and the old gene feature_id? How are people dealing with cases where new coordinates (from new reference assembly) have to be added for a gene already in the database? Thanks



Surya Saha
Department of Plant Pathology, 
Cornell University, NY, USA.
Sol Genomics Network, 
Boyce Thompson Institute, Ithaca, NY, USA.

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