Announcing development of a new tool: CMap-js

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Announcing development of a new tool: CMap-js

Dear GMOD community,

This is to announce an alpha version of a new genetic map viewer, CMap-js. We intend this as a replacement for CMap, which has served researchers well for a long time, but which lacks the kind of interactivity that modern client-side web technologies allow – and which won’t scale well with larger datasets.

With the caveat (again) that this is an early-release version, and not feature-complete ...

Check out the look-and-feel of the application here: (from the "CMap-js" button). Try clicking and dragging over the blue map background and on the marker lists or the QTL features on the right.

Get the code here: We welcome developers to join in - or users to send feature requests.

Some of our design objectives are: flexible configuration; simple data formats (accepting CMap tabular data for backward compatibility), ability to pass in data via API (no database requirement and including cross-site or user generated maps), minimal use of external libraries, ease of installation, high interactivity (panning, zooming, clicking, adding or removing maps, etc.), and scalability to a very large number of markers. Theses structural goals are in addition to the ability to compare maps, ability to display region data (QTLs, GWAS, etc.), the ability to  represent genetic-genomic comparisons (both within and cross-species), and the ability to represent relations between features for any given map. We still have quite a large set of features to add, but please let us know if there are things that you would particularly like to see.

This is primarily the work of Andrew Wilkey and Alex Rice, and has been funded by the NSF Legume Federation project,

- Andrew Wilkey

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