Ant task to verify JWT tokens

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Ant task to verify JWT tokens

Alex Kalderimis-2
Sorry for the delay in getting this to you - I have been off for a day
with a cold.

I mentioned making your development process easier by providing a
mechanism for checking tokens without going through a deployment cycle
- I have provided such a mechanism on the new `jwt-task` branch on
github ( You
can run this task from your webapp directory as:

  ant verify-jwt -Dkeystore=$LOCATION_OF_KEYSTORE \

Your intermine.options file will be read for details of how to
interpret the token, as well as your keystore password, so it is
important to set the keystore alias sensitive properties correctly

Please get in touch if there are any questions,

All best,

Alex Kalderimis
Software Developer
Dept. of Genetics
University of Cambridge
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