Apollo Developers Hackathon, Jan 2016, La Jolla, CA - Save the Date!

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Apollo Developers Hackathon, Jan 2016, La Jolla, CA - Save the Date!

Monica Munoz-Torres
Save the Date!

Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-Source Projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Su Lab at The Scripps Research Institute

invite you to join us this winter for the second Apollo Developers Hackathon in La Jolla, California.

For three days developers will work on new features of interest to their research communities, will be able to improve on existent Apollo & JBrowse features, and will collaborate in the development of features of interest to other colleagues. 

Participants should: 
- be able to set up your own Apollo server before arriving to Berkeley; including Postgres, Tomcat, etc.
- code comfortably in JavaScript (client) and Java (server).

What will we do at the hackathon?: 
The plan is still brewing, but we have a few ideas: 
- New tracks for visualization of variant data. We want interactive tracks, and tracks that aggregate many data at once. Including exploration of synergies with with the myvariant.info tool.
- Integration of JBrowse / Apollo with Gene-Wiki.
- Usage of EBI's protein modification data format (some examples of their implementation at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/pride/archive/).
- Creating a plugin to design CRISPR experiments.
- your ideas go here!

Please send your suggestions for feature development, your questions, and any additional comments to the Apollo Developers email at: apollo [dash] dev [at] lists [dot] lbl [dot] gov

When: Thursday January 14 - Saturday January 16, 2016 (immediately after PAG).
Where: The Scripps Research Institute, Molecular and Experimental Medicine Building, 3545 Cray Court, La Jolla, CA 92121. USA.
Registration: A nominal registration fee of $75 will be collected, to cover the cost of refreshments, and minor logistics charges. Registration page coming soon!
Getting there, accommodations: Participants are responsible for arranging travel and accommodations on their own. Details about hotel blocks and directions coming soon!

See you in January!

Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-Source Projects & The Su Lab

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Mentorship Matters!
Monica Munoz-Torres, PhD.
Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects (BBOP)
Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road Mailstop 977
Berkeley, CA 94720


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