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I’m trying to add some links via tool tip for several tracks or as it’s called normally in the code the “balloon click” function.  These tracks are bigwig tracks.  For some reason simply trying to add that code to the respective configuration files causes the whole genome browser page not to be displayed, returns an “Internal Server error” page instead which I’ve seen before sometimes when some code cannot process properly from the .conf file.


Even when I add an empty function with no code like this it doesn’t work:


balloon click = sub{



This function and the same code that I’m trying to paste has worked for other types of tracks like gene model tracks, so I’m just wondering whether the Bigwig tracks simply don’t accept ‘balloon click’ as a function or not?  Is it not possible to add balloons or tool tips to bigwig tracks, if so how is it properly done?






Vaneet Lotay

Xenbase Bioinformatician

724 ICT Building - University of Calgary

2500 University Drive NW

Calgary AB T2N 1N4



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