Bio::Chado::Schema inner class name change for 0.08000 release

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Bio::Chado::Schema inner class name change for 0.08000 release

Robert Buels
Hi all,

Just a heads up, for the upcoming release 0.08000 of Bio::Chado::Schema,
among other enhancements, the names of the inner classes will change
slightly to use DBIx::Class's more modern 'load_namespaces' method of
class loading, rather than the current 'load_classes'.

For now, the only effect of this will be that inner class names will
have an extra ::Result in them, for example
Bio::Chado::Schema::Sequence::Feature will change to

Normal application code that accesses the result sets and result source
through DBIx::Class methods will not be affected, that is,
$schema->resultset('Sequence::Feature') will work the same as before.

However, if you have any code that depends on the exact form of the
inner Bio::Chado::Schema class names, such as custom schema-loading
code, isa_ok tests, or things like that, you may need to make some
adjustments.  Usually, either just changing it to expect ::Result in the
class names and then requiring BCS 0.08000 is the easiest thing to do,
or alternatively you might detect the BCS version with
$Bio::Chado::Schema::VERSION and special-case accordingly.

For testing your code with the new version, a trial release of 0.08000
is available on CPAN at 
(developer releases are not automatically downloaded by CPAN clients),
or you can clone the development version from github



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