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BioMart 0.8 release candidate 3

Syed Haider
Hello everyone,

The BioMart 0.8 rc3 is now available for deployer testing. The new
version is a Java based, out-of-the-box single integrated application to
facilitate mart building, configuration and web server deployment.

For installation and a user instructions, please see a deployer's guide
available here:

This release is tested on Mac OS X (Leopard and Snow Leapord), Linux
(Debian 4.1.1-21), Java 6. See docs for details.

The following features are now available for your testing:

1- Support for 5 database platforms (MySQL, Oracle, PgSQL, MS SQL, DB2)

2- Virtual Marts (non-materialised querying against source database)

4- A range of different web interfaces from Basic Form to
Advanced Querying interfaces (MartAnalysis, MartForm, MartWizard,
MartExplorer) and a Report page  (MartReport)

5- Backwards compatibility for BioMart 0.7 sources

6- Secure access

7- Multi-dataset linking with Link-Indices for faster and scalable joins

8- Processor framework for specialised data visualisations (e.g charts)

- Full Mbuilder component including source schema modifications
- Updates
- Processors (Genomic Sequence, GFF, DAS, WSDL, Gzip, Excel)

Please send your feedback and bug reports to [hidden email]

Best Wishes,
Syed Haider on behalf of the BioMart Team.