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[BioMart Users] BioMart Central Portal paper: Do you want to be included?

Arek Kasprzyk-2

Dear All,

As a part of the ongoing effort on the BioMart Virtual issue, we are preparing a manuscript about the BioMart central portal in the journal DATABASE. We would like to present this work as a community effort by including in the list of authors, everyone who has participated in a significant way in setting up and/or maintaining a publically available BioMart resource that is currently accessible through the BioMart central portal. If you meet these criteria, and would like to be included in the list of authors please send an email to Natasha Lander (cc'ed on this email) with the following details:


  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. The name and URL of the BioMart server that you are maintaining
  4. The name and the email of the person who is currently supervising the project
  5. Your affiliation

and we'll be in touch with you. The potential authors who have already expressed an interest in writing a manuscript about their own publicly available resources and are subscribed to the biomart_papers mailing list will be included in the authors' list automatically.


Arek Kasprzyk
Director, Bioinformatics Operations and Principal Investigator

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
MaRS Centre, South Tower
101 College Street, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 0A3
Tel:       416-673-8559
Toll-free:           1-866-678-6427

Administrative Assistant: [hidden email]


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