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[BioMart Users] Biomart Central Update: SalmonDB added

Jonathan Guberman
BioMart Central has been updated to include SalmonDB (http://genomicasalmones.dim.uchile.cl/). From the SalmonDB homepage description:

SalmonDB website allows browsing through genetic information from Salmo salar andO. mykiss. The database contains the new EST assembly for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salarunigene dataset) and Rainbow trout (Onchorynchus mykiss unigene data set). It also contains reference genomes from related aquaculture species (e.g. Danio rerio). The sequence assembly proccess was performed at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Mathematic of Genome (LBMG), part of the Faculty of Physical sciences and Mathematic at the University of Chile. A new assembly pipeline was developed in order to achieve optimal results.

We have also added BioExtract (http://bioextract.org/) as a new third-party tool with BioMart support.

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