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Parul Kudtarkar
Dear Biomart users,

I want to filter my results based on functional category which has class
and corresponding sub class. If I select a particular class, I want the
system to auto pull corresponding sub classes related to that class. For
example if I select class: Adhesion , I want the system to pull only the
corresponding sub classes present in the database such as  
Adhesion_Cadherin, Adhesion_Collagen, Adhesion_ECM, Adhesion_GPCR,
Adhesion_IgFN3Receptor, Adhesion_Integrin,Adhesion_LRRReceptor etc.

Is this possible in biomart, if yes how?


Parul Kudtarkar
Scientific Programmer
Center for Computational Regulatory Genomics
Beckman Institute,
California Institute of Technology

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