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[BioMart Users] Ensembl websites offline for maintenance

Rhoda Kinsella
Dear all

All Sanger-based Ensembl websites and related services will go offline  
around midday tomorrow, Friday 21st October until the evening of  
Sunday 23rd October. This will affect the main Ensembl website,  
archives, Pre! and beta. Mirror sites (US and Asia) will remain  
available, but Sanger-dependent services, including BLAST and user  
accounts, will be disabled.

For Ensembl BioMart users this will mean that you will not be able to  
query the Ensembl marts from www.biomart.org or www.ensembl.org. You  
will be able to access release 64 Ensembl marts via the mirrors at:


We hope that the datacentre restart will go smoothly and the sites  
will be back online by Monday morning at the latest - if you find a  
site is not working as expected by noon UK time, please let us know so  
that we can investigate.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Rhoda Kinsella Ph.D.
Ensembl Production Project Leader,
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI),
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,
Cambridge CB10 1SD,

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