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Estrella, Heather
ICGC4 gene symbol


I noticed in the ICGC4 release, the gene symbol column includes some HGNC symbols for genes where a symbol exists. However, for other genes, it includes various identifiers. This is a confusing because often times the identifier shown doesnt make any sense or is too generic to provide any useful information. Clicking on many of the non-HGNC symbols provides broken links.

For simplicity, I think it is preferable to only show HGNC symbols for the Gene Symbol column as this is a key column that end users will sort on to find genes of interest. If an HGNC symbol doesnt exist, the cell should be blank. If someone wants to see what is represented in that region, they can always click on the ensembl ID. The additional junk identifiers tend to add confusion because it is often not clear what they represent.



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