Bug? Balloon hover callback being called with 2 different objects

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Bug? Balloon hover callback being called with 2 different objects

Keiran Raine

I'm currently building a new GBrowse instance with v2.55 and after copying across our old callback module I've found that I'm getting odd errors when call-backs are run on BAM track elements like:

An error occurred while evaluating the callback at section='812_PD4107a_bwa', option='balloon hover':
   => Can't locate object method "flag" via package "Bio::SeqFeature::Lite"

I did some digging and the problem that appears to be occurring is that the call back is being called twice once with the expected BAM object:


and then again with the unexpected:


I've prevented the spamming of my error logs by adding the following to the beginning of my call back:

return unless($f->can('flag'));

I'm guessing that this is creating additional unnecessary load on the server so probably worth investigating.


Keiran Raine
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