Bug in display of plugin track balloon tooltips

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Bug in display of plugin track balloon tooltips

Richard Hayes

I believe I have encountered a set of bugs with how balloon tooltips handle plugin tracks. This is with Gbrowse 2.07 (separate track rendering scheme announced April 19) with Bio::Graphics 2.05.

I have configured as follows. GBrowse.conf has 'balloon tips = 0'

Individual data source conf has 'balloon tips = 1' in the general section

"Traditional" track stanza declarations are working as intended:
1) interpretation of "balloon hover" url links when configured with show_tooltips = 1
2) display of the default hover yellow box (stanza key, feature name, segment ref and coordinates) with show_tooltips = 0

My problems begin with plugin tracks. I have several distinct plugins that generate a single xyplot that spans the current feature segment by returning a FeatureFile object as in the annotate type plugin example. Display results are the same (default yellow box with custom xyplot "type" added to the FeatureFile and segment ref and coordinates) regradless of configuration with show_tooltips = 0 or with show_tooltips = 1 with a balloon hover line (even to display simple debugging text here).

My intention is to "silence" the default hover display with a citation-style longer description, but this is not possible with the current code behavior.

Best regards,
Richard D. Hayes, Ph.D.
Joint Genome Institute / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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