CRL_Step2 will not produce required outputs

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CRL_Step2 will not produce required outputs

Emmanuel Nnadi

Running this step perl DIR_CRL/ --step1 CRL_Step1_Passed_Elements.txt --repeatfile seqfile.out99 --resultfile seqfile.result99 \
--sequencefile seqfile --removed_repeats   CRL_Step2_Passed_Elements.fasta
the expected output ought to be CRL_Step2_Passed_Elements.fasta

Repeat_*.fasta files

But am only getting CRL_Step2_Passed_Elements.fasta with no Repeat_*.fasta files 

Please what could be the problem?

Nnadi Nnaemeka Emmanuel,Ph.D
Department of Microbiology,
Faculty of Natural and Applied Science,
Plateau State University, Bokkos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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