Call for Google Summer of Code ideas

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Call for Google Summer of Code ideas

Scott Cain

This year, the GMOD project is teaming up with Reactome and WormBase
to apply to be a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code,
where the applications are due at the end of this month.  Please see
the GMOD wiki page for GSoC at  Please feel
free to add more suggestions for projects to the page, or if you don't
feel like dealing with wiki mark up, you can email the ideas to me

For more on Google Summer of Code, what it is and how it works, see
their FAQ at

Bear in mind of course, that the suggested projects should be the sort
of thing that a dedicated student should be able to complete in the
time allotted (ie, summer, or about three months).


Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
GMOD Coordinator (                     216-392-3087
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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