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Chado 1.31 released

Scott Cain

You have no idea how happy it makes me to announce the release of Chado 1.31:

This release marks the first schema change in Chado in 5 years, and incorporates several changes, including

* Converting all primary and foreign keys from integers to BigInts
* Converting feature.seqlen and featureloc.fmin and fmax from integers to BigInts (darn pine trees!)
* Several added linking tables.
* Fixed to only warn when the "part_of" term is not found (thanks Eric Rasche).
* Fixed the ncbi_taxonomy loader to load the entire NCBI taxonomy (thanks Naama Menda).
* Fixed the "organism by data" functionality of (thanks Alexie Papanicolaou).
* Removed much of the initialization data included with Chado that is considered out of date.

For details on what changed in the schema, you can find the sql diff in chado/schemas/1.23-1.31/diff.sql or at 

(note that this file is fairly large, due to the large number of statements required to convert all of the primary keys to BigInts.)

Note that if you are a Tripal user, you will want to wait until Tripal has been updated to support the new schema.  

Finally, I want to give a very big "THANK YOU!!" to Stephen Ficklin and Lacey Sanderson, without whom I never would have gotten this release out.


Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
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Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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