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Eric Rasche-3
I'm seeing slightly different data on svn vs github (i.e. in chado-1.31.sql svn uses bigint, github uses int), which prompted a couple questions:
  • Is that the future home of Chado or merely a mirror?
  • if future home would there be interest in PRs for cleanups? E.g.:
    • cleaning out things like the TODO which hasn't been touched in a decade.
    • cleaning out + refactoring docs
    • separating out perl code from sql schema
    • separating out the top level folders into separate projects? (JavaTools, XMLTools, hackathon_2007, from the "main" chado project)
    • removing ancient code that hasn't been touched in some N years.
  • else
    • are PRs minded there that do things like cleanups? I don't want to impose significant overhead patching back into SVN for the maintainers.


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