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Chado install patches on github

Karl O. Pinc

I've put some chado patches onto github for review.
They are in my sample chado git conversion, in new

Both of these are off of HEAD, which is the tip
of the old svn trunk.

The first is simple, it keeps chado from installing
git related files (.gitignore) and emacs backup files
(files ending in ~) when installing chado.

The second consists of a series of patches to
correct the installation documentation and clean
up the installation process.  Notable are:

  A .gitignore file to ignore stuff created when
  making chado.

  Lots of changes to INSTALL.Chado to reflect
  my install experience.

  Improve the installation process so that the
  db into which chado is installed need not be
  destroyed during the installation process. (!)

We (Babase) would like to install chado into our
existing db, in a schema of it's own.  I was under
the impression that chado could be installed into
it's own schema.  This seems problematic since
I see the "public" schema hardcoded all over the
place.  Fortunately, our dbs do not even have
a "public" schema.  This leaves open the possibility
of reserving "public" for chado, but this seems
clunky.  Thoughts?

Karl <[hidden email]>
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                 -- Robert A. Heinlein

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