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Frédéric Sapet

I'm currently migrating from GBrowse 1.7 to 2.08 (latest from SVN)

Since # character is forbiden in conf file, I have this kind of code in my 1.7 configuration files :

citation            = sub {return "Amplicons.<br> Color code is : <font color=\"".chr(35)."FFFF00\"><b>0 snp</b> </font>,<font color=\"".chr(35)."C9FF03\"><b>1 snp</b> </font>"}

It seems to be broken (or no longer permited in 2.08), I don't have expected result when I display the track citation, but something like this :(both when clicking on track name or using mouse over on the hyphen found in detail panel)

Is this a bug ?

Thank you


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