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Cleaning Data Sets

Chris Zaleski

Could you please help me clarify the system of cleanup scripts? I've read the documentation on the wiki page regarding these scripts, but some of it is still unclear. My basic issue is - I've never had a single file deleted from disk. The docs state you should run the scripts in the following order (which is what I am doing):
Although there are indeed files which qualify for deletion, my 'purge_datasets.log' always shows "Purged 0 datasets". Files on disk never seem to be deleted.

I thought perhaps the additional script ""is necessary. However the docs state "If it is desired that datasets be removed before their outer container (history, library/library folder) has been deleted, the script can be used before the script".
...I don't want datasets to be removed before their outer container. I just want them to be removed when the container(s) *have* been deleted.

I did try running "" once. It's log showed a huge number of datasets being deleted. But the next day when "" ran... still nothing was actually deleted.

Perhaps I simply don't understand the process correctly. Could you please help?
Thanks very much,

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