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Configuring pop-up 'track configure' boxes

Sean O'Keeffe-2

Hi Folks, wrote a mail yesterday but it was bounced,

I've got a question relating to the pop-up boxes above each track in GBrowse.
Is it possible to add an option to the 'configure this track' pop-up box where I could limit the features displayed by the score value? Let's say I have loaded a track, e.g. GFF3 data, containing a range a scores. Can I add an option where users could select features by score > x or maybe score < y?

I already know I can add a subroutine to the conf file where I can colour code the features by score, but this would mean displaying all features. It would be a nice feature for users to be able to dynamically limit feature display on the fly.

I've gone through the documentation but couldn't find any information pertaining to the pop-up box manipulation.

Any help would be great!

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