Current status of support for IE in GBrowse 2.x?

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Current status of support for IE in GBrowse 2.x?

Josh Goodman
Hi all,

What is the status of support for various incarnations of IE (7, 8, 9
or 10) in GBrowse 2.x?

I ask because we've discovered that horizontal scrolling seems to be
broken in IE 8 with GBrowse 2.54.  It does seem to work in 2.40, as
tested in

IE 8 reports this error over and over again:

Message: Invalid argument.
Line: 41
Char: 4
Code: 0

Line 41 reads

gbt.get_image_div().style.left = pos;

The end result is a screen that is already aligned to the far left of
the generated image, which would normally lie outside the viewing
window and no ability to scroll horizontally.


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