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Lobaton Garces, Juan David (CIAT)



Hello have a good day


My name is Juan. I work in the bean team for CIAT



I  am trying to build my own custom tracks.


What I basically want to do is to be able to upload SNP’s information in different tracks. For example I want to upload the SNP’s of different lines of bean. I had success with small data sets (using only Chromosome 4) but how can I do it for big files that cover the entire genome?


As well I would like to add some information to my SNP’s like  the genotype (A/T/C/G) and the 300 bp around it. How can I do this?





Appreciate your time and collaboration


Best regards


Juan David Lobaton Garces. Ms.C.

Bioinformatic Research Assistant

International Center for Tropical Agriculture CIAT

Bean Program  





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