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José Mª G. Perez-Silva

I'm having some trouble understanding the ERROR I'm receiving. Recently I've set up a new machine to work annotate a genome (around 2 Gb big) using Maker. We mounted a new disk of 1Tb and loaded there the files of a uncomplete run of annotation (we started it in a different machine and move it to this one, which had more precessing power). Apparently everything was ok, until somewhen yesterday we received the next ERROR:

examining contents of the fasta file and run log
ERROR: could not make datastore directory
--> rank=NA, hostname=Planarian2
ERROR: Failed while examining contents of the fasta file and run log
ERROR: Chunk failed at level:0, tier_type:0

We are running 16 jobs of maker at the same time, on the unsplitted genome. 

We checked and "df" command returned that only 7% os the mounted disk was used. So the space does not appear to be the problem... Why that error then?

Thanks for the help.

José María González Pérez-Silva. PhD student at Universidad de Oviedo.

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