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EU Apollo/Genome Annotation training events


From Helena Rasche of the Galaxy (and often Apollo and other GMOD) communities.


Hi Apollo community!

I'm part of a group applying for a grant (Erasmus+) for providing training in Europe, we're going to have a Genome Annotation (Galaxy + MAKER/Prokka + Apollo) training track so naturally we're looking for groups that might be interested in joining these training events.

If your group is in the EU and is doing genome annotation/apollo/interested in helping build the genome annotation community locally, please let me know.

Cheers, Helena

The background, for those interested:

Last year we piloted distributed training, where we got some of the best Galaxy trainers in HTS to teach that topic, and then we broadcast them across Europe. Interested groups simply announced a workshop, ordered some coffee and booked a computer room, and then joined the live stream.

The training, Galaxy administration, Galaxy compute resources, everything else was handled for them.

This new way of doing training lets us scale dramatically; instead of having the best person teach 20 students at one time, we can enable them to teach 200 across 10 sites! And all without the cost of lodging, travel, or the CO2 emitted during travel.

This year we’re applying for a grant which will enable us to scale this idea further, and we’re adding three new tracks to the distributed training: Ecology, Metagenomics, and Genome Annotation.

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