Ergatis-based ISGA now part of GMOD

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Ergatis-based ISGA now part of GMOD

Joshua Orvis
I thought Ergatis users might be interested to hear about ISGA, an open-source tool that uses Ergatis as its back-end to provide users public access to some of the pipelines developed at the CGB.  ISGA has both been recently published and accepted as a tool under the GMOD umbrella.  See Dave Clements' announcement below for more info, and congratulations to the ISGA development team.



Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that ISGA, Integrative Services for Genomic
Analysis, is now a part of GMOD. ISGA is a biologist-friendly web
interface for running and customizing Ergatis bioinformaitics
pipelines with integrated tools for visualizing and searching results.
ISGA was originally built for prokaryotic genome annotation and now
includes a prokaryotic assembly pipeline.  Transcriptome annotation
and functional genomics pipelines are under development.

A public instance of ISGA is available at Indiana Univeristy.  ISGA is
also available for download and has a mailing list and  development
blog]. You can read the ISGA manuscript] in Bioinformatics.  See links

ISGA (pronounced "I-S-G-A") was created at Indiana University's Center
for Genomics and Bioinformatics (CGB) by Chris Hemmerich, Aaron
Buechlein, Ram Podicheti, Kashi Revanna, and Qunfeng Dong, and remains
under active development at the CGB.  Developers amd other community
members interested in contributing should join the mailing list.

Please join me in welcoming ISGA and the ISGA team to GMOD.

Dave C.

Links: - public instance - download
- ISGA manuscript

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