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[Ergatis-devel] New Ergatis Release: ergatis-v2r16

Galens, Kevin
A new release for Ergatis is scheduled later this week / early next week . Any developers currently working on new code, bug fixes or pipeline changes/additions that would like these to be included in the upcoming release should commit changes soon (be sure to update the Changelog!) or let me know if you won't be able to include your changes for this release.

A small proposed change for the upcoming release. In the past, we've created release folders under the 'files' section on sourceforge site for each release. These have been separated by build number in the past (example, we have two ergatis-v2r15 release folders: one for build 3 and one for build 5.) I'm suggesting that we make on folder per revision and put all builds within that folder. In this case, we'd have a folder named ergatis-v2r15; in the folder we'd have all the builds available for ergatis-v2r15.

Kevin Galens
Senior Bioinformatics Engineer
Institute for Genome Sciences, University of Maryland Medical School

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