Error in tests when updating to 2.15

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Error in tests when updating to 2.15

Scooter Willis-2
Running the following to update to latest version of gbrowse2

sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bio::Graphics::Browser2'

and get an error(below) that prevents the install.

I did a search and found others are having the problem and running sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'force install Bio::Graphics::Browser2' doesn't seem to work either. It would be great if the browser reported the minor version of current software release.

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit.

/etc/apache2/conf.d/gbrowse2.conf is already installed. Please run ./Build apache_conf to see this file's recommended contents.
  ./Build -- OK
Running Build test
NOTE: Run ./Build reconfig to change existing configuration.
/etc/apache2/conf.d/gbrowse2.conf is already installed. Please run ./Build apache_conf to see this file's recommended contents.
t/00.compile.t ............ 39/?
#   Failed test 'bin/ nothing on stdout'
#   at t/00.compile.t line 49.
#          got: '
# '
#     expected: ''
# Looks like you failed 1 test of 82.
t/00.compile.t ............ Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
Failed 1/82 subtests
        (less 5 skipped subtests: 76 okay)
t/01.yeast.t .............. ok  
t/02.rearchitecture.t ..... ok    
t/03.render.t ............. ok      
t/04.remoteserver.t ....... Sometimes this test gets 'stuck'. If this happens, kill the test and Build test again.
t/04.remoteserver.t ....... ok    
t/05.deferredrendering.t .. ok    
t/06.featuresearch.t ...... ok    
t/07.karyotype.t .......... ok  
t/08.calign.t ............. ok  

Test Summary Report
t/00.compile.t          (Wstat: 256 Tests: 82 Failed: 1)
  Failed test:  82
  Non-zero exit status: 1
Files=9, Tests=414, 45 wallclock secs ( 0.07 usr  0.02 sys +  9.72 cusr  1.90 csys = 11.71 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/9 test programs. 1/414 subtests failed.
  ./Build test -- NOT OK
//hint// to see the cpan-testers results for installing this module, try:
  reports LDS/GBrowse-2.15.tar.gz
Running Build install
  make test had returned bad status, won't install without force

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