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Ian Misner

I have been using MAKER, and getting results, but I've just noted an  
error in my termial reporting.

Choosing best annotations
Undefined subroutine &evaluator::evaluate::evaluate_maker_annotations  
called at /gpfs/runtime/opt/maker/203/maker/bin/../lib/Process/ line 1758.

ERROR: Failed while calculating annotations!!

ERROR: Chunk failed at level 17
FAILED CONTIG:ConsensusfromContig2

This error occurs for all of the contigs that are being annotated.  Is  
this something that I need to worry about or do you know how to fix  
this?  I am running MAKER via ssh at Brown University's HPC.  They  
attempted to install the MPI version but there was an issue with the  
coding so they installed the serial version.  Maybe that causes this  
error?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ian Misner

Mr. Ian Misner
PhD. Student
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Rhode Island
120 Flagg Road
Kingston, RI 02881
Office: CBLS 260
Ph: 1-401-874-9726
fax (401) 874-2065
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