Exporting spliced mRNA or CDS sequence

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Exporting spliced mRNA or CDS sequence

Michael Dondrup-3

some of our users need to export the spliced mRNA sequence or CDS sequence only for designing primers.
Is there a simple way or configuration option or plugin which allows to export spliced sequences?
I think that there should be an easy way, if I use the protein sequence dumper plugin, I get the identical
protein sequence as predicted by maker for that gene model, so there should exist some correctly spliced coding
sequence in an intermediate step.

We are using GBrowse 2.54 with a chado backend and Bio::DB::DAS adapter.

Michael Dondrup
Postdoctoral fellow
Sea Lice Research Centre/Department of Informatics
University of Bergen
Thormøhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen,

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