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Vallejos, Andrew

Is there a way to force the order that the facets appear on the left hand tool bar?  I have 6 facets on DevRatMine and they seem to appear in quasi-random order.


Also, is there documentation on how the lucene search index scores the hits it finds?  Searching for “blood pressure” in DevRatMine returns a long list of Blood Pressure QTLs as the top hits, but search for “heart disease” returns “Heart Valve Disease”, “Tgm2”, “Heart Diseases”, and “Carcinoid Heart Disease” as the top 5 point hits.  I am wondering why “Heart Valve Disease” appears higher than the other disease terms and I also cannot figure out why gene Tgm2 appears in the list.  Looking at the items that I index genes (GO, Disease Ontology, Pathway Ontology, KEGG, Mammalian Phenotype Ontology) there are terms that could associate it with “Heart Disease”, such as “blood vessel remodeling” and “Hypertrophy, Left Ventricular”, but I don’t see “heart disease”.







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