Failure to get access to init_code with gbrowse_slaves (renderfarm) enabled.

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Failure to get access to init_code with gbrowse_slaves (renderfarm) enabled.

Prem Anand
Hi All

I was trying to get access to the subroutines declared in init_code
and was failing on several attempts.

Finally found that it works fine with just the master server and it
fails with renderfarm/gbrowse_slaves enabled.

I could also see from the logs that only the Master process has access
to the codes declared in the init_code and not the slave processes.

The slave processes gives the following error

"An error occurred while evaluating the callback at section='Example
Region', option='link_target':
   => Undefined subroutine
&Bio__Graphics__Browser2__DataSource_HASH_0x26b7f10_::testInit called
at (eval 154) line 8.
 at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/Bio/Graphics/Browser2/ line 2328"

where testInit is declared in the conf file as

init_code = sub testInit{
                          my $org = shift;
                          warn "+++++++++testInit called+++++++\n";
                          return "human ";

and testInit was called from stanza as

link         = sub{"".testInit("hs")}

Note that the above code works fine with just the Master server.

Does anyone has encountered this? and has a solution? Any pointers would help.

Thanks to Pushkala for the tips on calling callbacks.

This post is related to this,

Best Regards

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