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Fwd: [GMOD-devel] GCCBOSC 2018 Training Topic Voting is now open

Just an FYI, both folks working on JBrowse and Apollo will be at this meeting in Portland, Oregon this summer. 

Vote for topics here: http://bit.ly/gccbosc2018-vote

A lot of great galaxy stuff as well as some Tripal and Docker stuff thrown in as well.


Hello all,

Voting is now open on what training topics will be offered at GCCBOSC 2018.

Your vote will determine the topics that are offered, which topics should be offered more than once, and which ones should not be scheduled at the same time. Your vote matters.

Topic voting closes January 31. The Training schedule, including instructors, will be published before early registration opens.

GCCBOSC2018 will be held 25-30 June in Portland, Oregon, United States. It will feature two days of training: the second of which is multi-track and will feature content for both the BOSC and Galaxy communities. Workshops will be hands-on and participants will be strongly encouraged to bring a laptop and follow along. If you work in data-intensive biomedical research, there is no better place than GCCBOSC 2018 to present your work and to learn from others.

Thanks, and see you in Portland!

The GCCBOSC 2018 Organizers


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