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Fwd: RestrictionAnnotator plugin is not working

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the RestrictionAnnotator plugin? Siddhartha's question (below) about it didn't get a response.

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From: Siddhartha Basu <[hidden email]>

> Hi,
> The RestrictionAnnotator plugin seems to be broken in gbrowse2,  or at
> least in 2.40,  the one we are using at our site
> http://genomes.dictybase.org/browser/gbrowse
> The patch incorporated from this report
> http://gmod.827538.n3.nabble.com/Issue-with-Annotator-plugins-td3950436.html
> also seems to have no effct. I have also looked at modencode, Wormbase,
> SGD,  RGD(2.10), its broken in all those instances. The errors are
> identical in all cases,  it throws a HTTP 500 from an XHR POST call and
> the wheel keeps spinning in the UI.
> Interestingly,  it works in 2.00 which we still have running here
> http://dictybase.org/tools/gbrowse2/discoideum
> It also works in ParameciumDB,  which probably also run an old version
> of gb2 series.
> So,  is this got fixed in latest version ? Could somebody confirm
> please.
> thanks,
> -siddhartha
Amelia Ireland
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