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GBrowse browser not interacting

Sebastian Reyes Chin Wo

I just update my GBrowse to the latest 2.54, running in Ubuntu 14.04.3 with apache 2.4.7 and I’m trying the FastCGI. The browser loads and i can add new instances but the entire browser is unresponsive, i’m not able to select anything in any of the areas (overview, region, detail), the scrolling and zooming buttons don’t work neither, when i select new tracks, they do not appear and even updating the appearance from the “Preferences” tab is not been applied to the browser neither. Am i missing something in the configuration of GBrowse or is it a permission problem?

Thank you for your help,

Sebastian Reyes Chin-Wo
Graduate Student
Genome Center
University of California at Davis
451 Health Sciences Drive
Davis, California, 95616


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