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GMOD Alias and PHP

Scooter Willis-2
GMOD Alias and PHP
It doesn’t appear that the Alias from GFF3 attributes is exported as a variable name. If I use $name I get the name variable appended to the URL. If I use $alias I get

Is there a complete list of variable names someplace beyond the examples name and description? Is it possible to export alias to be used in the link option?

It also appears that using mgb2 for the ModPerl option grabs port 80 in a way that issuing a sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart to fail because it can’t bind to port 80. I tried chasing down PIDs running on port 80 and each time I tried killing one another is restarted. I don’t have any experience with modperl and assume it somehow spawning to do what it does. Any suggestions if this is the case on how to restart apache to pickup changes in or adding new gff3 files?




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