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GMOD BioMart Portal Proposal

Arek Kasprzyk
Dear Lincoln, Scott and the GMOD developers,

I apologize for repeatedly "spamming" this list in recent weeks but i am very excited about my new BioMart Portal initiative and would like to share further thoughts with you.

As mentioned in yesterday's email, I think it would be a great idea to set up a GMOD BioMart Portal and would like to invite you to do so. The BioMart project has been a member of GMOD for quite a few years and we regularly send BioMart representatives to participate in GMOD workshops/meetings but we have never had a chance to formally collaborate on something spectacular and I think that the GMOD BioMart Portal based on 0.8 technology would be just that! The portal would provide a gateway to all GMOD databases and it would be a great addition to the BioMart project. There are a quite a few GMOD databases already available through the BioMart interface and a lot of this functionality has already been prototyped through our BioPortal, so I know it is doable. It is just a question of enhancing this prototype and focusing it solely on GMOD. Given the BioMart expertise that I built at OICR and the 0.8 capabilities, I estimate that it would take you a few days to set it up.


PS. There is also interest from Italy in addition to the two groups in the UK who already committed themselves to this initiative.

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