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Dave Clements-3
Hello all,

I've been running the @gmodproject Twitter account ( for several months.  You may have noticed a strong bias towards news about Galaxy during that time.  Now you know why.  ;-)

I'm hoping to remedy that by doing a better job of getting news out about other parts of GMOD.  You can help.

  1. If your project has a Twitter account, please let me know (just respond to this email - and to the list if you want to).  I'll follow it from the GMOD account.
  2. If your project has a particular hashtag, please let me know.  I'll set up searches to flag anything with that tag.
  3. If you want to make absolutely sure I see a Tweet, include @gmodproject in the tweet.
This will help me see what's going on, and give me a broader range of tweets to pick from.  

What gets retweeted:

I'm interested in tweets from software component projects, as well as organizations that use GMOD components.  Here's an idea of what types of tweets are candidates for retweeting:
  1. Tweets about components.
  2. Tweets about communities
  3. Tweets about your online resource that mention GMOD or GMOD components. 
  4. Tweets that I think are of general interest to those developing or maintaining online biological resoruces.
Discussion is also encouraged.


Dave C



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