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GMOD at PAG 2011, Jan 15-19

Dave Clements

Hello all,

GMOD will have a stronger presence then ever at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG 2011), being held January 15-19 in San Diego. This includes, for the first time, an all day GMOD Workshop on Wednesday, January 19th, featuring extended talks on

PAG 2011 will also feature workshops and tutorials covering

Plus at least 25 more talks and posters about or using Pathway Tools, GBrowse, Galaxy, CMap, Apollo, Chado, GBrowse_syn, JBrowse, BioMart, MAKER, Tripal, and the GMOD Evo Hackathon.  See for a more complete list.

Many GMOD users and GMOD developers, including Stephen Ficklin (Tripal), Carson Holt (MAKER), Barry Moore (SOBA, MAKER), Dan Blankenberg (Galaxy), Mitch Skinner (JBrowse), Ken Youens-Clark (CMap), Mike Caudy (GMODviews), Rob Buels (Bio::Chado::Schema, GBrowse_syn), and Scott Cain (Chado, GBrowse, ...) will be attending PAG this year. Please seek each other out.

Dave Clements
Galaxy Project

PS: In addition, three of the GMOD developers (Dan, Mitch, Scott) are also available to visit organizations in the San Diego area during the meeting.


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