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GMOD codefest registration now open Inbox

Scott Cain

As announced last month, there will be a GMOD codefest held before the Plant and Animal Genome meeting in San Diego, January 9-10, 2020.  The meeting will be held at the Handlery hotel (down the street from the Town and Country Hotel). Logistical and other information can be found at the GMOD wiki as the details become more solid:

Several potential projects are described in this document:

We know for sure that there will be developers from the Tripal, Apollo, JBrowse, and Chado projects.  Of course, other projects like Galaxy, InterMine, and MAKER are welcome too!

See you in San Diego!


Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
GMOD Coordinator (                     216-392-3087
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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