GMOD in San Diego: PAG XXII and GMOD meeting

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GMOD in San Diego: PAG XXII and GMOD meeting

Greetings, GMODders!

If you're going to be in San Diego for PAG next week, we've put together a guide to the GMOD sessions at PAG, as well as a selection of content from GMOD users. You can find it on the GMOD website at

Please come along to the GMOD sessions and poster and introduce yourself and your project -- we would love to hear what you're doing with GMOD software!

If you want to come to the GMOD Community Meeting on Jan 16 and 17, there is still time to register, but please do so ASAP. The agenda and registration link are on the wiki:


Amelia Ireland
GMOD Community Support
Generic Model Organism Database project || @gmodproject