GMOD in the Cloud version 2.0 released

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GMOD in the Cloud version 2.0 released

Scott Cain

I am pleased to announce that GMOD in the Cloud 2.0 has finally been released to the public.  This Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is public and can be cloned by anybody with an AWS account.  A demo of GMOD in the Cloud is running at (though it may take a day or two for DNS to update fully).

This AMI has several GMOD software packages installed and configured, including:

* Chado 1.23
* Tripal 1.0 (plus a few bug fixes from dev)
* GBrowse 2.54 (with samtools, BigWig and fastCGI support)
* JBrowse 1.9.5
* WebApollo (most recent release from May, 2013)

For more information about GMOD in the Cloud, please see it's web page:

and for questions about using GMOD in the Cloud, please send email to the GMOD developers mailing list, [hidden email].

Thanks and Happy Computing,

Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
GMOD Coordinator (                     216-392-3087
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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