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Gbrowse 2.08 released

Lincoln Stein
Hi Xiaoqi (and gbrowse mailing list readers),

I have released version 2.08 of GBrowse, which addresses a bug that prevented searches on Bio::DB::GFF databases from matching on exact names. Instead, it always revered to the slower and less accurate keyword search. Also in this release is a tiny fix to prevent the spinner icon from staying on under some conditions. In addition, there is a new feature that lets you choose whether certain categories or subcategories are shown or collapsed when first loaded.

While debugging on Wormbase, I discovered that Apache's mod_fcgid has a problem with long environment values, and truncates them if they are over 127 characters. This caused problems on Wormbase, because it needs a PERL5LIB environment variable that is roughly twice as long as the maximum. I have found a fix for this problem and documented it here:



Lincoln D. Stein
Director, Informatics and Biocomputing Platform
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