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Noah Fahlgren
I set up subtracks for a gene track where the Foward and Reverse genes
are the two subtracks. I notice that when I view a section that has only
one kind of gene(s) (only Forward or only Reverse genes) I get a black
bar across the window for the empty subtrack (pictures attached). I
don't get any errors in my apache error log. My configuration settings
are below.


Gbrowse version 2.12
Configuration for Genes:

feature         = gene pseudogene transposable_element_gene
database        = annotations
glyph           = generic
key             = Genes
height          = 6
fgcolor         = darkblue
bgcolor         = darkblue
strand_arrow    = 1
description     = 1
label           = 1
label density   = 25
link            = sub {
($feature,$option_name,$part_no,$total_parts,$glyph) = @_;
                         my $name = $feature->display_name;
category        = Genes
citation        = Gene loci from <a
href="">TAIR9</a>. Protein-coding loci are
blue. Non-coding RNA loci are light blue. Pseudogenes are violet.
Transposable element genes are green. Below 1.4 million bp, individual
gene loci are displayed. Above 1.4 million bp, a frequency histogram
(100,000 nt windows, 1,000 nt scroll) of gene density is displayed.
Clicking on a gene will direct the browser to gene annotation
information on <a href="">TAIR9</a>.
subtrack select = Strand strand
subtrack table  = :Forward +1 *;:Reverse -1 *
subtrack select labels = +1 "Forward Strand";-1 "Reverse Strand"

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