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Matthias Gierth
Dear list,

after my DAS client is running fine now, I get the next Problem:
If a user tries to upload a 150MB wig file, the harddisk of the server
is getting really busy and it takes more than one day to upload the file.

all other software on the machine is running fine and with the expected
performance (Server 2x6-core westmare 72GB Ram 15K sas Hdds).

any ideas what causes my problem (using bioperl latest stable and
gbrowse 2.11(svn Trunk from last week)) ?

many thanks again

Matthias Gierth
System Administrator
Bioinformatics Service
TU Dresden, Biotec
Tatzberg 47-51
01307 Dresden
Phone:   +49 (0)351 463 40020
Fax:     +49 (0)351 463 40087
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