[Gmod-ajax] Add an alias for a reference sequence ID?

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[Gmod-ajax] Add an alias for a reference sequence ID?

Monica Poelchau
Hi JBrowse people,

We frequently host genome assemblies that are identical in both GenBank and RefSeq - the only difference is the scaffold (or contig) ID. In the past, we've had to decide which ID system to host the browser on, but it seems kind of limiting to force our users into one assembly ID system or the other. We were wondering if it is possible to set up the reference sequences in a Jbrowse instance with an alias - so, I could search for genbank-id-1 or refseq-id-1 and arrive at the same reference sequence. Other bonus features would be to be able to add gff3s on either ID system without converting the IDs (this might be a long shot), or have a way to display both IDs side-by-side in the browser.

Does a framework for this exist already, or has anyone else found a workaround for this?




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